Knitting: Squee!

November 11, 2008

I am so so so so so so so HAPPY!  I finally got to go to my lovely LYS today, to buy amazing yarn for a fabulous pattern.  The complete awesomeness of this day was compacted when I logged on to the computer and saw that 1)my old blog is STILL getting comments.  I haven’t written on that one in months.  and 2) I’ve had a bunch of views on my brand new blog.  Mostly thanks to the my review of Revelations by Melissa de la Cruz(Scroll down for it).  I am so completely happy right now!

Anyway.  I’m going to quit gushing and tell you about the fabulous yarn I just bought (with a gift card!  I didn’t actually pay for it!).  It is RowanKidsilk Haze, in a funky blue-green color.  What’s it for?  Abby, a really cool looking cowl(rav it).  The only bad thing about this cowl?  It will cover up my newly dyed RED hair.  And I’m not talking ginger red.  It is fire-engine red.  Yowza!  It’s not my whole head, just the top.  But still.  It’s so cool.

I wish I could post pictures, but unfortunately the rechargeable batteries in my camera died.  Completely.  No more recharging.  So, until I get new batteries, the poor blog will be picture-less.  Oh well.

Off to knit!



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