coraline_coverCoraline by Neil Gaiman is a wonderfully creepy book.  It tells the story of Coraline, a young girl who has just moved into her new flat.  While exploring, she finds a door that leads to a bricked-up wall-until one night, it leads to a passage.  Following that passage, Coraline discovers her other mother, and a wonderfully intriguing world similar to her own, yet not quite the same.  Choosing to go back to the real world is when the story really begins.

Coraline is a wonderful book, written in the same way as a children’s book, but covering older material.  I enjoyed it very much, and any fan of fantasy and spooks is sure to love it.  The fact that it is being made into a movie is what made me pick it up, and I think picturing it as a movie helped add to the experience even more.  I highly recommend this book.



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Revelations is the third book in the Blue Bloods series, so I would reccommend that you read Blue Bloods and Masquerade before tackling this one.

That being said, Revelations is the continued tale of teen vampires living in New York City.  There’s Schuyler, a half-blood who’s mother is in a coma, Bliss, a tall red-head seeing apocalyptic visions, and Mimi and Jack Force, twins of the dark side.   This is mostly about the Schuyler-Jack-Mimi-Oliver love triangle, and some really confusing sort of plot movement…I think.  Something about evil Silver Bloods?  I kind of missed it as it sped by.

All in all, I though Revelations was a big rush to get to the ad for the next book at the end of this one.  The plot was confusing, the characters were flat, and the big “ah-ha” at the end was really a “where did they get that from?”  I enjoyed the first two books much more, and was disappointed in this one.  The publication date was changed from end of November/December to October, so maybe de la Cruz really was rushed.  I would not read this book if I were you.

Second Opinion: Super-fast Reader