Knitting: Pictures!

December 10, 2008

It’s picture day!  I finally have pictures of a couple of FOs, as well as my current WIP, Abby.

random-095Close-up of My Favorite Scarf


My Favorite Scarf


The 2×2 Rib Scarf


Close-up of the 2×2 Rib Scarf.  The colors are actually closer to the first picture, but not quite that neon.


Abby- here you can see the lace-y spiraling holes.


Another picture of Abby- I didn’t know how well it was turning out until I saw this picture.  Love how it looks!


Knitting: My Favorite Scarf

November 26, 2008

I just finished the best. Scarf. Ever.  Now, you may have seen the Yarn Harlot’s posts about the Noro scarf; supposedly the most fascinating 1×1 rib ever.  I’ve never made a Noro scarf, but the satisfaction that came when I was finished with an easy, chunky, soft, warm scarf had to be better than any Noro scarf.  Picture it:  Size 17 needles.  Chunky red-orange-yellow-purple in a non-pukey combination, along with a sproingy fall yellow.  Softest acrylic you’ve ever seen.  A scarf that just grows from the needles.  That, is an amazing scarf.


Now it’s back to Abby, a more difficult but probably just as satisfying cowl.