I Need an Opinion…

December 22, 2008

So I’ve had this blog for a little over a month now, and I’ve gotten a few visitors.  Most of these visitors come for my bookish stuff, not the knitting.  So my question to you is, should I have 2 blogs, one for reading and one for knitting?  Here are the positives and negatives of 2 blogs, as I see it.


  • It’s more professional.
  • Visitors won’t be deterred by a knitting post.
  • It’s more organized.


  • I like my blog the way it is.
  • I don’t want a new name.
  • I will probably neglect one blog if I have two.

It seems to me that it’s what I want versus what I think my visitors want.  So I figured I’d ask you guys-One blog, or two?


coraline_coverCoraline by Neil Gaiman is a wonderfully creepy book.  It tells the story of Coraline, a young girl who has just moved into her new flat.  While exploring, she finds a door that leads to a bricked-up wall-until one night, it leads to a passage.  Following that passage, Coraline discovers her other mother, and a wonderfully intriguing world similar to her own, yet not quite the same.  Choosing to go back to the real world is when the story really begins.

Coraline is a wonderful book, written in the same way as a children’s book, but covering older material.  I enjoyed it very much, and any fan of fantasy and spooks is sure to love it.  The fact that it is being made into a movie is what made me pick it up, and I think picturing it as a movie helped add to the experience even more.  I highly recommend this book.



Links: The official web site, Neil Gaiman’s site, Book Nut’s Review

Check out the awesome contest A.S. is having over at her blog.  You could win an ARC of Dust of 100 Dogs, which is on my Books I Covet list.

Knitting: Pictures!

December 10, 2008

It’s picture day!  I finally have pictures of a couple of FOs, as well as my current WIP, Abby.

random-095Close-up of My Favorite Scarf


My Favorite Scarf


The 2×2 Rib Scarf


Close-up of the 2×2 Rib Scarf.  The colors are actually closer to the first picture, but not quite that neon.


Abby- here you can see the lace-y spiraling holes.


Another picture of Abby- I didn’t know how well it was turning out until I saw this picture.  Love how it looks!

the-luxeThe Luxeby Anna Godbersen is a classic love story-the kind where everyone falls in love with the wrong person.  The main character, Elizabeth Holland, is scandalously in love with Will, the coachmen.  Will is also sought after by Lina, the miad, who plays an important part in the book’s final twist.  Elizabeth is engaged to Will Schoonmaker, who is in love with Elizabeth’s sister, Diana-who loves him back.  To wrap it all up, Elizabeth’s best friend and rival is also in love with Henry, and can’t stand to lose him to Elizabeth, who by the way, is only marrying him because her family has become poor.  Intriguing premise? Definitely.  Does the book live up to it?  Absolutely.  Pick up this book and you’ll be dying to figure out what happens in the end-especially after seeing Elizabeth’s funeral within thee first few pages!  Packed with intrigue, gossip, scandal, and love, The Luxe is one book I couldn’t put down.  While it may not be well written, and the characters are not as fleshed-out as I usually like, I still couldn’t put it down.  It’s a soap opera, plain and simple, but a very good one.  I can’t wait to read the sequel, Rumors, and I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did.

Links: The official book site , Book Nut’s review, Chicklish’s review, Becky’s Book Reviews

Friday Favorites

December 6, 2008

Like most bloggers, I read other blogs.  I read so many other blogs, in fact, that I have to use a nifty blog reader (Bloglines for me, Google Readerfor some other folks).  It’s a lot easier than looking at individual blogs, because it checks for me whether my favorites have updated or not, then pulls up the new post for me.  Nifty, huh? (I love that word.)  A lot of times what I end up doing is keeping a post new by checking this little box.  That way, I can look at it again.  What I’ve decided to do is to have a bi-weeky post about all the things I’ve kept new, because they’re funny or interesting.  I’m going to call it (you guessed it) Friday Favorites, and I’m going to seperate it into two categories, Book Blogs and Knitting Blogs.  First up is

Book Blogs

Book Nut posted the calendar of advent posts on different blogs.  Seems cool to me, and a great way to find even more blogs!

Boys Blogging Books told us why they’ve been gone, and asks for some new reviewers (must be a boy.)  (Duh.)

Meandering Along gave me a good laugh.  Check it out!

Reading is my Superpower had a very cute review of Holidays on Ice by David Seadris.  Very clever!

Reviewer X had an awesomely informative post about how she gets all those lovely free books.  Wish I was her!

Story Siren did the same thing as Steph, but I should let you all know that she did it first.  Steph even says so!

Knitting Blogs

Unfortunately all I have for this week is some very exciting posts from Knitty Blog about her Coraline box.  Here is where she first mentions Coraline and has a few links, and here is where she shows us her Coraline box.  I am so jealous, I totally want one!  I love stop-motion animation, like in The Night Before Christmas.  Absolutely amazing.

book200Looking for Alaska by John Green is the story of Miles Halters’ (aka Pudge’s) search for a Great Perhaps.  He leaves home for boarding school, convinced this is the only way he’ll ever find one.  Once at boarding school, he begins a great journey of love, loss, and the eventuality of death. 

Looking for Alaskahas been raved about by many a reviewer, including the notoriously snarky Steph of Reviewer X.  Oddly enough, this made me wary of the book.  It can’t be that good can it?  I was prepared for disappointment (like Pudge in the first chapter).  Boy, am I glad I was wrong.  First of all, it had nothing to do with Alaska the state, which I was immensely grateful for due to the fact that I have read wintery, Eskimo stories, and to be frank, I disliked them.  I hated them.  I despised them.  But Looking for Alaska was amazing.  It’s one of those books you just can’t review without being fan-girly.  It had a wonderful plot, it kept you guessing (100 -something days til what?) and it dealt with characters and emotion very well.  If you are one of those people that dislikes a well-written book with an amazing plot and even better characters, I would not recommend this book.  But everyone else- go get it.  Now.  You will devour it.

Links: Author’s site, Book Nut’s slightly negative review,A TeenReads review, Em’s Bookshelf review,